Please review our testimonial page. Below you will find a small percentage of the testimonials that Dr. Anderson has received over the last 34 years of prescribing flower essences, homeopathics, cell salts, gem elixirs and other vibration based remedies. These also include testimonials about spiritual awakening utilizing Dr. Anderson’s enlightenment coaching over the last 16 years. Complete names are withheld for privacy purposes.

Since beginning working with Aaron, my spiritual awakening has accelerated to new levels. In practical terms, Aaron’s program (using Flower Essences and meditation practices) has added higher degree of structure to my life so there is little to no deviation from my goals-total freedom through awakening consciously. Just like having a personal trainer, having an experienced instructor guiding me along organized into precise steps (leading to) my growth in self mastery. Aaron is a master at reading someone’s greater picture (one’s state of being on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels etc.) and selecting specific flower essences to facilitate growth to higher states of consciousness. He can read where (we) are and where we are going and (prescribe) the best flower essences to help get us there quickly and gracefully.

Working with Aaron has been a beautiful journey into the depths of me. Who I am. (My) Divinity. I had not worked with Flower Essences until my sessions with Aaron, but I know that flower essences that flower essences radiate an irresistible sweetness and grace. I have since come to the understanding through Aaron that these frequencies are soul qualities and that the flower essences are capable of awakening any quality that I choose to embrace. The corresponding flower essences are administered to facilitate the process. The meditation exercises offered in conjunction with the flower essences are paramount in increasing the amount and frequency of light in the physical and energetic bodies as well as the level of one’s level of spiritual awakening. Through this work I can see and sense the light in and around myself become brighter and more intense overtime. The light (which is actually me) is alive intelligent and has a consciousness. The states of the light within the consciousness have no limit. More and more I am merging with my higher self. And bringing that freedom into my everyday world.

Thank you flowers. Thank you Aaron. Thank you soul

A.D., Tennessee

To whom it may concern,

I began working with Aaron Anderson just over 5 years ago. I had been diagnosed that my medical doctors said was incurable and that entailed multiple major surgeries. I decided to pursue alternative healing modalities, and Aaron was one of the primary healers that I began working with. Aaron was prescribing constitutional flower remedies for me as well as some of the advanced formulas that he had created. In our private sessions he was doing a range of meditations with me. In addition, he did intuitive counseling with me, which was very helpful to me both in my evaluation of various healing options, and also in the life’s challenges I was facing at the time. The combination of all of this created a synergistic healing environment that was deeply energizing, balancing and revitalizing. Within a couple of months, I began to show improvement, and within 1 year I was almost completely back to normal. Needless to say my allopathic doctors were amazed and unable to explain my recovery.

Once my illness and symptoms were healed, Aaron and I began to work on more subtle and balancing and activating my entire being. Over time Aaron added a number of wonderful tools to our work, including the “Brain Enlightenment” technique to bring the light from my higher self into my brain and all aspects of my nervous system. The “Brain Enlightenment” technique has been a remarkable way for me to transform my entire nervous system.

My work with Aaron has been a remarkable and transformative experience for me physically, energetically, psychically, and has helped greatly in my spiritual awakening. I am profoundly grateful for the blessings I have received through Aaron. He is an amazing healer and light worker, and I highly recommend the totality of his work to anyone!

D.H., Iowa*

When I began working with Aaron, I had been on a spiritual path for several years. While I had many profound experiences with my own practice, I was challenged in holding the shifts in consciousness that I experienced in meditation and throughout my daily life. I knew that I had the potential to expand my spiritual awakening, but wasn’t able to take it beyond a certain level and often felt as if I was loosing ground in between more peak experiences.

Aaron uses a powerful combination of flower essences and other vibrational remedies along with suggested meditations and consciousness exercises to balance the physical and subtle bodies ( emotional, mental, and spiritual) in a way that allows for easy, profound, and tangible shifts in consciousness that have changed my experience of life on all levels. Aaron has a unique way of assessing consciousness with each consultation, and then supporting one’s ability to go further through the use of his remedies and suggested techniques.

I would highly recommend Dr. Aaron Anderson for anyone who is on a spiritual path or interested in conscious expansion or spiritual evolution. His approach will provide an ongoing support and knowledge that will take you step by step into your own self realization, resulting in a new-found ability to transcend emotional or mental blocks and allowing the true ease of being to permeate your experience of life on all levels and in all realms.

R.P., California

I have been having sessions with you, Aaron, for over a year now and I say wow! I am a totally transformed person, as I continually raise my vibration. I am here in this lifetime to merge with and embody my Christed self and I confidently say that with your guidance, I am making this happen. Your availability and your assistance in keeping me pointed in the proper direction through my amazing and ever changing journey through my spiritual awakening has helped me stay focused and willing to walk in the path I have chosen. I am in such gratitude for all the guidance you have shared with me. Your no nonsense approach has enabled me to remain on a direct route to fulfill my life’s purpose, and this is what really matters most. I am in awe of how much I have received since I agreed to team up with you. I am blessed! I deserve to be blessed! And, I thank you Aaron, for choosing to be a part of my life. Two thumbs up and a big opened heart!
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

G.S. Tennessee

Dr. Aaron Anderson is what I call a spiritual alchemist. He has a compassionate vision that allows him to see beyond the personality and ego. He sees to the source of one’s being- the soul. Five years ago when I started seeing Aaron I was depressed. I felt like I was living in a wild storm with my life energies scattered. I long to realize my fullest spiritual awakening: I was out of focus and floundering. Aaron introduced me to the precious flowers essences. The essences hold their own consciousness: each is a unique healer with individualized purpose. They work subtly and profoundly to direct misaligned human energies into conscious awareness.

The flower essences are gentle guides that work with and through the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. They are vibrational transformers. During a flower essence session, Aaron listens while I tell him how I feel about what is going on in my life and he can see in my energy field what essences need to be “called in” for me to achieve my intended goals. I can honestly say that now I feel like I am walking in my soul, moving in my true purpose. The flowers are my most treasured allies. I recommend Aaron’s Flower essence therapy for anyone seriously seeking self-realization.

Kindest regards,

EB California

For the past fifteen months, I have been fortunate enough to consult with Dr. Aaron Anderson on a regular four week basis. Our sessions consist of Aaron prescribing unique flower essence formulas to meet my personal and spiritual needs. Aaron has also taught me many new methods to enhance and further my personal and spiritual awakening such as: his Brain Enlightenment Techniques, Changing limited personal belief system to useful higher belief systems. Learning to stay in an awakened state of ecstasy, enlightened leadership, transmuting and releasing Karma, Divine decision making models and freedom techniques. Aaron’s flower essence therapies and spiritual development techniques have allowed me to remain confident and calm during a time of rapid personal spiritual change and growth. Aaron is not only a wonderful teacher and personal consultant, but he has been my spiritual guide. He has assisted me to reach unimagined spiritual heights. Thank You Aaron!

AE Indiana

I began working with Dr Anderson 17 years ago as a massage therapist. I was amazed at the changes that his clients experienced after short periods of treatments with flower essences. As the years went by, I can’t tell you all the miracles that I saw especially with people who had no working knowledge of etheric medicine. When I collaborate with Aaron, I always appreciate the artful blend of the mental and the intuitive in his approach to flower essence administration.

JM CMT California

Doctor Anderson has the Divine gift of being able to talk to an individual and after a short discussion with them; he is able to recommend a regimen of Flower Essence to prescribe to working harmony to bring about the alignment of their physical, mental and spiritual constitution.

In my case, under the direction of DR. Anderson, I was able to nourish and revitalize my physical, emotional and spiritual awakening to a greater degree than I ever imagined possible. Doctor Anderson’s regimen assisted me to discover the peace of mind and spiritual calm that had long eluded me. My personal relationships improved greatly! I am a happier and more loving person!

Working with Doctor Anderson has assisted me to bring my aspirations and current life path closer and closer together.

BW Arizona

When I started working with Dr. Anderson three years ago I had a cyst in my chest the size of an orange in the center of my chest, my vocal chord was paralyzed, and I was unable to speak. My Doctor said I would never speak again. They were recommending a very risky series of opened chest surgeries and larynx reconstruction. Instead, I began working with Dr. Anderson. Within three months, my voice was returning and my cyst was shrinking. Within a few more months, my voice returned to normal. The doctors were amazed and could not explain my recovery. But, the healing of my physical condition was just the first stage of what has been a glorious transformation that I have experienced on all levels of my being. And, the fun has just begun! Dr. Anderson is a remarkably gifted healer and enlightenment and spiritual awakening coach. He is deeply dedicated, highly sensitive and intuitive, and has an amazing wealth of knowledge that he brings to his spiritual consultations. Working with Dr. Anderson has been a great blessing to me. He is the most enlightened doctor that I have found in thirty years of exploring holistic medicine. I highly recommend him to anyone.

DTH Fairfield*

*Dr. Anderson does not except any clients for the treatment of illness, disease symptoms or pathology-please see disclaimer.