Enlightenment Practices: Context versus Content

Over the last sixteen years I have worked with well over 500 people in their Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment path. Whenever I get a new client, they are typically very excited and want to jump right into the various methods and processes.

However, I always feel that it is more important to work in the arena of context before moving on to the content of the various “practices”.

Understanding context or the general approach to the various practices dramatically helps one to fully realize the various levels of Spiritual Awakening, achieve these targeted states and to “anchor” these achieved states.

It is generally quite easy to activate a state of consciousness. It is quite another thing to anchor, establish and maintain an awakened state of consciousness especially in relationship to ongoing experience.

This is where it is of critical importance to practice “attained” states until the mind has been retrained to “maintain” this giving state or level of Spiritual Awakening. This is especially important in relationship to whatever
“experiences” are occurring around one,

In regards to the content of my or any practices one may choose to work on, four universal “contextual” attainments stand out as very beneficial to get the desired states to “stick” (anchor, establish and maintain).

The first “contextual” attainment is to get the practice to go “all the way. By this I mean to achieve an awakening at a full Christ Conscious state of awareness,

In other words as awakened as any Christed Master such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna etc. (Please read the “Seven Levels of Christ Consciousness).

Wouldn’t you agree that these Masters want us to achieve these states as well as they have? Don’t they want us to achieve these states all the way?

The second “contextual” attainment is to continue a practice until it expands at a Christ Conscious state of awakened awareness throughout all universes, dimensions, creations and realities.

The third “contextual” attainment is to continue a practice until it expands and permeates, at a fully Christ Conscious awakened level, the entire illusion of time past, present, future.

The fourth and most important “contextual” attainment is to continue a practice, along with using one’s intent of will, until an awakened state has anchored established and maintained throughout the three previous attainments (Christ Conscious level/all universes, dimensions and realities/past, present and future).

What good does it do to activate an awakened state of consciousness if it can’t be maintained?

One will find that they experience a much greater Spiritual Awakening, more dramatic realizations and a far better capacity to maintain given states if one does their practices within these four contexts.

Spiritual Awakening such as the opening of the crown chakra has tremendous value when it becomes permanently maintain.

Only when a level of Spiritual Awakening, such as the opening of the crown chakra exampled above, can that state anchor as a platform to build even higher and more advanced attainments upon.

If you are on a path of Enlightenment, Self Realization and Spiritual Awakening, it is critical for you to learn to approach the content of various practices with the context of these four principles. This will allow you to anchor, establish and maintain any and all achievements.

You will make far greater strides with tremendous certainty in your path of Spiritual Awakening if you adopt these principles.

If you would like to discuss these and or other contextual approaches regarding your Enlightenment path, contact me by email, or call me by phone.

I will be glad to discuss them with you in detail!



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