The “Christing Process”

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment can be attained more easily and with far greater efficiency and certainty than what is typically understood or believed by most that are on that path.
Spiritual Awakening diagrom from the root up to the Crown Chakra
These paths can be highly accelerated, non-dogmatic and very ethical. No “following” is required! One can simply advance into higher levels of these stages of consciousness if one learns how to approach the Enlightenment process in a correct manner.

Progressive states of Spiritual Awakening can be achieved consistently and with great certainty if the approach is taught in an organized manner.

Each stage of instruction must be laid our in a manner that everyone can understand. Each stage must be “activated”, attained and anchored.

The Anchoring of a stage of Spiritual Awakening must be strong, solid and permanent. It must be strong enough that each subsequent level of consciousness can be built upon it. Like a steel frame building each octave and facet of Enlightenment must be able to support the whole.

How can we create such an organized system? How can we bring certainty and efficiency to the Enlightenment process? How can we advance month by month into heightened stages of Self Realization?

These questions represent the basis of my sixteen years of Enlightenment coaching and research.

I have tried numerous approaches in teaching and instructing the “Enlightenment process” over these years. Every year the process has become more solid and certain.

Approximately seven years ago, I started to change the format into a process where one can follow known “templates” for Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening.

The results have been dramatic and transformative!

I tried many templates; however, one stood out far greater in it’s amazing capacity to generate more success than the others!

This template of “processes” I have titled “The Christing Process”.

It is a template that follows the seven stages of attainment that all
“Christs” must pass through on their way to complete Self Realization and Ascension.

We are all Christs somewhere along the path within these seven stages. Everyone is processing through these seven stage; however, only a few are processing through them deliberately and consciously.

The Seven Stages of a Christ are: !) Birth 2) Baptism 3) Temptation 4) Transfiguration 5) Crucifixion 6) Resurrection all together leading to 7) Ascension.

Each of these stages must be define in modern, non-dogmatic language and conceptualization of what this stage is really about and how it relates to the attainment of consecutively higher stages of Enlightenment.

It must be transparent free from the obfuscations of religious dogma, and it must work!

This is “a” Grand path one can follow to rapidly transition through higher octaves and the multiple facets of Enlightenment.

Each of these seven stages have sub-cycles within them. Each of the seven stages progress through four hierarchal contextual platforms to ensure success.

The sub cycles progress from Light to Love then to a “Christ conscious Spiritual Awakening” then to compassion.

If one follows this progressive format and chooses the discipline to practice, they can create a path that nearly guarantees rapid advancement through each higher level of the Enlightenment process.

If you would like to hear more detail about this “contextual” approach offered for your Enlightenment path, or if you would like to have examples of the “content” of the practices feel free to give me a call or contact me by email. There is never any pressure as that doe not work in this adventure.

If you wish, you can contact me by going to the contact page. We can set up a time to talk and we can discuss what this program has to offer you to ignite your Spiritual Awakening!


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