Flower Essences FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Essences

Q: What are flower essence remedies and how are they made?

A: Flower essences are remedies prepared from non toxic plants that are potentized (energized) by placing the petals in spring water and placing them in the sun causing the extract to infuse into the water and become energized similar to Homeopathic remedies.

Q: Are flower essences safe?

A: Most practitioners feel that flower essences are the safest and most gentle therapy in all the healing arts(as well as by far one of the most effective)

Q: Is Flower Essence Therapy (FET) a new method?

A: No, Flower essences have been used for over 90 years by tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide. There are over 168 flower essence companies producing 1000’s of essences worldwide.

Q: Is FET a medical treatment?

A: No, FET is a method of changing our consciousness so that we feel experience a higher quality of life. As our spirit increases typically so does our sense of wellbeing.

Q: If you start taking FET do you always have to take them?

A: No, there are no addictive qualities to the essences, but most people over time fall in love with FET and continue to use the essences because they love feeling so great.

Q: Will I have strong negative reactions initially like sometimes occurs with Homeopathic remedies?

A: No, Flower essences typically do not have initial adverse reactions; however, sometimes rarely people will “dump” emotions for a few days if there are severe blocks within.

Q: What kind of problems does FET get rid of?

A: FET is not about getting rid of problems either health or other problems. FET is about getting to and attaining the positive states we wish to be experiencing in life such as joy, peace, courage, serenity, purpose and meaning and any other positive state of consciousness we wish to be experiencing in our lives.

Q: You mentioned “Enlightenment” in one of your articles, is this a religion?

A: Absolutely not there is absolutely no religion or following of any dogmas whatsoever. Flower essences “Awaken” consciousness and lead to higher states of “Enlightenment” on their own normal mode of action. We do offer meditative practices only to people who request them. They are phenominal conscious expansion techniques only, and have no religious base to them whatsoever. Dr. Anderson has spent fifteen years developing “Enlightenment” methodologies to assist people to attain higher states of consciousness in weeks and months rather than years and decades. Coupled with FET the results can be astounding (AND FUN)!!!

Q: What can I expect from a consultation?

A: Initially, Dr. Anderson explains in detail about FET- its history and background as well as assists the client in establishing what his concerns are, and creating a set of goals that the client wants to achieve or attain. Dr Anderson then answers any remaining questions. Then the consultation begins similar to a Homeopathic history. Dr. Anderson does not question the client a lot rather, he listens very acutely to exactly what the client says. Within this dialogue the remedy picture begins to form and soon the exact remedies start become extremely clear. After Dr.Anderson listens to what the client has to say then he assigns the remedies to create the positive “states” the client has requested. Then, Dr. Anderson describes the positive states that the remedies have been assigned to help create. Every attempt to answer questions is made.

Q: Can I call and ask questions about FET without cost?

A: Yes, as FET is new to a lot of people, we encourage people to call. Non US clients are equally encouraged. We are easy going, nice, and don’t pressure people. Please see contact page