Aaron Anderson: Biography

Personal History Leading to Enlightenment, Self Realization and Spiritual Awakening Coaching with Flower Essences and Ultra-Advanced Meditations

Dr. Aaron Dale Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A.

Dr. Aaron Dale Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A.

I, Dr. Aaron Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. (retired), was born and raised in California. My father was a M.D. and my mother was an elementary school teacher and principal. I was raised in the 60’s in Los Gatos Ca. From age 4, I knew consciously that I wanted to be a physician and help people.

I ended up living with my father in Sacramento throughout my teenage years. My father was really more of a “metaphysician” than a physician. His interests were Alternative Medicine (far earlier than is now commonly popular) and philosophy. While most kids played ball with their dads, I spent my teenage years talking about existentialism and phenomenology.

At age 16, I found a book on Homeopathy in my Dad’s medical library. Something inside drove me to “attempt” to read this medical text; however, the medical terminology was beyond my understanding at that age; however, the stage was cast. I had decided to become a Homeopathic physician.

By age 20, I was studying Homeopathy 1 to 3 hours most days. Despite my deep preference for philosophy, I entered college in a pre-med program majoring in molecular biology with a minor in chemistry.

In my fourth year, I realized that being a Medical Doctor was not right for me. I knew I would never be able to hand out chemical drugs all day long for a living. I took a job at a high end stereo store that was deserted most days and spent 3 years studying Homeopathy day in and out.

One day my Dad and I drove to San Jose to visit a M.D. who had practiced Homeopathy for 47 years in South Africa. He had moved to the states to set up a Homeopathic apothecary.

While we visited him, he told us about the Bach Flower system of healing with flower extracts prepared similarly to Homeopathic remedies. He told us that the Bach flowers remedies were a more advanced set of remedies than were available in Homeopathy.

He gave us a bottle of Mustard flower essence (prescribed for joy and laughter) and told us both to take it repeatedly on our four hour trip home. Shortly after beginning to take it, we began laughing and had an outrageously fun trip.

I was astounded by this remedy and began to devour the few books on flower essences available at the time. I read Dr, Bach’s book and learned that the Divine knowledge realized consciously in our Soul could be expressed through his remedies into the personality.

I shortly came to the conclusion that Dr. Bach had discovered a system for health and Spiritual awakening that was far more safe and gentle than Homeopathy while being tremendously more effective and capable of transforming one’s consciousness
Dr. Bach had developed this system because he realized that all of life’s issues had their causative levels at the Soul, and that a system of remedies needed to be developed that worked positively (completely non-toxic) to awaken the Soul’s consciousness and capacities into the personality.

He discovered that when the personality realized specific states of consciousness that health as well as life’s other issues would be transcended and transmuted.

This is especially true in the field of Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening.

He spent years developing these system of remedies that created a Spiritual Awakening of the personality. The remedies accomplish this by expressing the “realized” knowledge of the Soul into the personality.

(I have now spent over 34 years researching over 600 remedies that ignite these Spiritual Awakenings)

About two years after starting at the stereo store, I received a call from a family friend who told me he was looking into becoming a Chiropractic physician. I immediately wondered if I could practice Homeopathy as a Dr. of Chiropractic.

I decided to find a Chiropractic college and go visit it. To my amazement there was a Palmer school of Chiropractic three miles from my home. I visited the school that week and was stunned by the enthusiasm of the students. Their spirit was utterly captivating. They were so genuinely interested in all forms of natural healing that I was amazed. The stark difference from the pre-med program at the university that I had left was dramatic, and in turn their spirit launched my spirit.

I began the four year graduate school for Chiropractic physicians and was amazed at how many forms of healing were common at the school. I quickly discovered that Chiropractic worked as well as Homeopathy and the advanced techniques such as Applied Kinesiology were some of the cutting edge healing techniques on the planet.

After graduating 3rd of 63 students and passing the state licensing boards, I moved to Northern California and set up practice. I started studying the most esoteric healing techniques I could find.

I went through Clayton’s Naturopathic school, and I attended a two year fellowship program in Acupuncture from the New York College of Chiropractic. I studied dozens of techniques for healing which began to merge into methods for Spiritual Awakening.

Within a couple of years, I had a practice that was in the top ½ of a percent of practices across the nation, married, beautiful home, two wonderful children and yet something at the core still felt missing.

I began to become more interested in “consciousness”. I began to study methods of prescribing remedies for the purpose of expanding and attaining higher states of consciousness, I became fully engrossed in the use of Flower Essence therapy, Gem therapy, Star Elixirs therapies and any other modality that would attain higher states of illumination.

I started marketing a course for Enlightenment and re-wrote it so that it would work well. I followed a “teacher/mentor” for a few years and eventually led teams of Enlightenment practitioners within this group which I left after a few years.

Finally, I found an obscure book on how to open the crown chakra with breathing exercises. I started creating my own methods of breathing and visualization over a 5 month period and all of a sudden my crown chakra exploded open. I had found the exact key using breathing and visualization and flower essences to “pop” the crown chakra.

My consciousness was awake everywhere. Soon, people began coming to me from all over the country. I felt literally compelled to bring this to the world!

I started developing many more methods to achieve advanced levels of Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment capable of expanding consciousness far beyond the “opening of the crown chakra”.

I discovered scores of flower essences and other remedies that are highly effective at expanding consciousness. I then wrote the very popular Divine Life Course which was a manual for Spiritual Awakening, Self Realization and Enlightenment.

A close friend, and I started traveling over the country teaching our methods. We did this on and off for two years. We were successful at drawing moderate crowds as the word about my “Brain Enlightenment Technique” coupled with flower essence therapy had gotten around.

We decided traveling around wasn’t very fun and I shifted my teaching to phone consultations.

Finally, after 25 years of practice as a physician, I retired from practice to devote myself to serving others to attain a Spiritual Awakening for themselves through these practices that are simple, efficient non-dogmatic and certain.

This was all about twelve years ago. Since then, I have consulted by phone with over 500 clients teaching advance Enlightenment methodologies prescribing flower essences and other vibrational remedies to assist them in attaining higher states of Enlightenment.

I have developed many methods to enhance the attainment of progressively higher stages Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening using Enlightenment practices coupled with flower essences and other high frequency vibrational remedies.

Over the last sixteen years. We have developed a very advanced, highly ethical, non-dogmatic approach for those interested in attaining higher levels of Spiritual Awakening and Self Realization, or just wishing to feel good.

Attaining these state are made easy with these Enlightenment practices and flower essences.. We now call our methods the “Seven Octaves of Enlightenment”.

We feel we offer one of the most ethical, successful and extremely efficient, self-structured approaches to conscious expansion and Enlightenment and Self Realization available on the planet today.

Please read the articles and testimonials on this website thoroughly and if you are interested call 1 831 345 4642. There is absolutely no charge to call and see if this is right for you. I would love to talk with you and answer any questions.



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