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Enlightenment Coaching for Self Realization & Spiritual Awakening with Dr. Aaron Anderson

After 16 years of coaching hundreds of clients to achieve heightened states of enlightenment, Dr. Anderson is introducing a new and amazing series of discoveries to dramatically and efficiently help you achieve heightened stages of consciousness and progressive states of Enlightenment and spiritual awakening. What used to take decades or lifetimes is now being achieved in months using our amazing coaching program.

How would you like to master many high states of consciousness within the next 12 to 24 months? How would you like to achieve what only a handful of beings have been able to after many decades of arduous practice? Does Enlightenment really have to take 40 years or 40 lifetimes?

Hello, my name is Dr. Aaron Dale Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. I am a retired physician. I have spent the last 16 years as an Enlightenment coach helping transform people’s consciousness into new states of Spiritual Awakening and Self Realization.

In the late 90’s I developed a system of breathing and visualization that opened my Crown Chakra and powerfully expanded my awareness in only three weeks of practice.
This state of consciousness has classically been defined as “Enlightenment”, and it is often thought to take many decades or lifetimes of practice to master.

Within a year people from all over the country were coming to me for coaching in this method. Little did I know at the time that this “state” of opening the Crown chakra was just the beginning!

I soon realized that there were many stages or “octaves” of Enlightenment, and that I must learn to help my clients acquire these states as well.
Last year a quantum breakthrough occurred in the process of helping people to leap forward at stunning efficiency in this process. This method is teaching these stages in octaves concurrently while utilizing the force and energies of the Universe to activate each state the client is working on.

Suddenly, clients are achieving in weeks and months what used to take 1 to 3 years. I would love to have the opportunity to explain these stages and this process to you personally!

I joyfully invite you to explore this website, its articles on Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening and the testimonials from many clients.
Then, if you are interested, call me at (area-831-code) 345-4642. You can also easily email me by going to the contact page. , We can set up a time to discuss these practices, and we can explore your path into a greater Spiritual Awakening!

Blessings to you,